What volunteers do

inspirationWe need volunteers for the following tasks:

Volunteers should be 18 years of age or older.

Meal Pickup:  Local restaurants and families donate meals to the Code Blue shelter but often need help delivering the food. The volunteer picks up the food and delivers it to the shelter.

  • This volunteer must have ready access to an auto.

Kitchen Setup: Prepare the kitchen to serve the evening meal.

Meal Team: Serve meals to guests and clean up the kitchen.

Clean Up Team:  Each morning of a continuing Code Blue emergency, the team prepares the shelter for the next day’s operation.  This includes gathering up used laundry, cleaning the floors and other spaces, and alerting the supervisors to any supply shortages.

Laundry Pickup & Delivery:  A local laundry cleans all used bedding. The volunteer picks up the used bedding from the clean up team in the morning and delivers it to a local laundry service that washes and sanitizes it. At the same time the volunteer picks up the previous day’s clean laundry in bags, and returns them to the shelter for use that evening.

  • This volunteer must have ready access to an auto.