Sleep Out Challenge

June 26



 The Blue Party

June 26.


Help us raise $150,000!

Code Blue Saratoga Springs, the city’s program that provides the homeless a safe place to sleep when temperatures are below 20 degrees, is proud to announce its new campaign, Blue Needs You. The initiative aims to raise enough funds to keep the shelter open during the entire winter season, regardless of the conditions.

How can you help Blue?

  • Come to The Blue Party then stay the night. The Sleep Out Challenge encourages local individuals to raise $500 or more to participate in an outdoor sleep out for solidarity as a symbolic showing of support to those who must sleep outside all year long. This will take place overnight on June 26 in Fingerpaint’s parking lot. You bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and whatever non-alcoholic beverages and snacks you’d like.  We’ll provide you with dinner and breakfast and some treats in between. Plus you’ll enjoy all the perks of the party and plenty of shout outs for your awesomeness!  Email to sign up.
  • The Blue Party will be held on on June 26, 2015, in Fingerpaint’s parking lot and will include food, non-alcoholic beverages, live music, entertainment and an outdoor movie under the stars. Your $100 donation will be directly contributed into the Blue Needs You fund in our effort to raise $150,000. There will not be alcoholic beverages served at the event, but you’ll be given a bracelet to show you’ve made your donation so you’re granted re-entry. Dinner, music and movie details to come!

The Code Blue Steering Committee and Fingerpaint hope their combined voices will make a loud impact to raise $150,000 for the winter of 2015-2016.


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