A Code Blue Emergency extends into February

(providing 20-40 people a night a respite from the cold)

Volunteer online for Thursday evening (Jan 29)

Volunteer online for Friday evening (Jan 30)

Volunteer online for Saturday evening (Jan 31)

Volunteer online for Sunday evening (Feb 1)

Volunteer online for Monday evening (Feb 2)

Volunteer online for Tuesday evening (Feb 3)

Volunteer online for Wednesday evening (Feb 4)

Supplies, Meals, Money

Donations of any amount are welcome and greatly needed.
Code Blue counts on the support of the community to keep our doors open
on winter’s coldest nights.  We are so grateful for your support.
Here’s how to contribute.

The Code Blue Saratoga Shelter opens when one of the following is forecast:

  • Overnight low below 20 degrees.
  • Snow fall greater than 12 inches.

based on the AccuWeather forecast two days in advance.

The shelter welcomes all homeless individuals without restrictions or qualification.